Saturday, 13 February 2016

Ladies, This Interesting Message Will Be Of Help To You

A lady who's truly ready to build a life with her man will understand this. But if you don't, see below...
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Women can't live truly happy without the guys and men also can't really function efficient without the ladies. So, ladies and gentlemen, no need to deceive yourselves...#love
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See The Mean Response This Girl Got After Begging Her Boyfriend Money

Some guys can be so mean

Well, Somehow the guys is right
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This Lady Claims She Is Going To Hell And So Proud Of It (Photo)

This is serious

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See What Happen When Your Ex Texts You Few Days To Valentine (Photo)

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MUST READ: 5 Signs That Shows You May Never Be Successful In Life!

One of the basic goals of man on earth aside survival is to be a success or rather to become successful.

Success or been successful can be described as achieving of results wanted or hoped for; this may include getting things done, achieving varying goals and positions in the society.

To be a success is one drive every man has and actualizing success most times is a lifelong goal for every individual on earth.
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This Lady Put Onions In Her Socks and Ear Before Going To Sleeping Every Night And This Happens

ersonally, I don’t like onions but I know that most people do. Still, they make you cry when you cut them, so I think that’s a valid sign that they should stay away from my hamburgers. But apparently we can do more with onions than just eat them.
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Pics: Man Attacked After Catching His Mother Having S3x With Her Lover In Lagos

A 27-year old man, Fredrick Nicole has been confined to a hospital bed after he was atta cked and seriously injured by a 30-year old lover suspected to be making love to his mom in their home in Lagos State, western Nigeria.

He was brutally wounded by the att acker known as Ismaila Ibrahim and one of his hands got bro ken during the fracas that ensued between them.
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Friday, 12 February 2016

Guys Come Oh...Ladies Have Something Interesting For You

It's all about the Valentine runs. Here's a funny but interesting letter from single ladies to single guys:

Dear Nigerian boyfriends,
We hope that you and your ATM card are getting ready for Sunday? In no particular order, below are a list of items we WOULD NO LONGER accept as Valentine day gifts.
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LOL! Ladies, Why Are You Deceiving This Man?

Oga, you say ladies are mistaking you for Don Jazzy? Issokay...Lols!
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EXCLUSIVE: Beautiful Igbo Girl Oluchi Sends Her Fully N@K£D Photos To Guy (SEE PHOTOS)

That’s why if they were asked to keep their Kpakus one place they’ll refuse, why would she allow her pics to be exp osed online just like that?
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Photos: Check out this elderly Nigerian couple on a romantic date at a park

 It's really nice to see couples who have been together for many years still enjoying each other. More photos after the cut..
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DON'T LAUGH ALONE: See How Yoruba Boys Dress On Valentine Day

AS illustrated Joro Olumofin Demonstrates
 by LOL

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EXP OSED: See Where Phyno’s Next Hit Will Be Coming From [PHOTO]

What name do you think he will give this song? I am thinking…”shitz song” lol

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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Meet Isa, The Best Dressed Tiger Nuts Seller In Nigeria

Isa from Kebbi state is a tiger nuts seller who haeks his wares in a wheelbarrow in Wuse Market Abuja, but he doesn't allow his trade dictate his fashion sense he goes around looking sharp and giving bankers a run for their money
Learn from him, folks.
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Lmao! See What A 'Badmouth' Nigerian Tweeted About Someone's Mother

This is just so... lwkmd!!!

So this guy posted this on twitter
 And an evil Nigerian with terrible bad mouth replied
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